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Criminal Law

Legal, criminal and financial defence and assistance, for issues including fraud, crimes against intellectual property, professional negligence, road accidents and crimes committed against others.

Commercial Law

The creation of both Spanish and foreign companies, the formation of company agreements, company conversions, mergers and splits, payment defaults and cancellations and administrative liability, etc.

Civil Law

Marriage and family law, inheritance, voluntary jurisdiction, interdicts, payment claims, executory proceedings, mortgages and declarations, etc.

Administrative Law

Appeals before public, central and autonomous administrations, municipal sanctions, administrative and economic disputes, traffic sanctions and inquiries into expropriation and ruin, etc.

Labour Law

Employment contracts, incorporation and leave, drafting payslips and settlements, official company earnings, income and reconciliation certificates, procedures before a tribunal and the FOGASA (the Salary Guarantee fund), preparing payslips, etc.

Fiscal Law.

Personal Income Tax, assets, company taxes, VAT, incorporation and leave and variations before the state tax administration agency (Spanish equivalent of the Inland Revenue), appeals and deferrals, tax inspections, etc.


Initial working and residential permits.
Visas. Nationality. Familiy reunification. Legalisations. Corporate Immigration.
Appeals: (Expulsion, Reinstatement, administrative legal action, consular appeals, etc).




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