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The law and advisory firm, J. Caballero Attorneys at Law & Asesores was founded from the Caballero law office, established in 1989. It is currently located in Comandante Zoritano. 6, next door to the former Madrid Labour Tribunal buildings. (Garrigues, Luis Joaquín, 1997, Con la Venia vol. II, pp. 325-332.) Its chairman and founding member, Jaime Caballero y Moreno graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a degree in Journalism, Law and Political Sciences. From 1988 onwards, he then went on to build a career as an independent practitioner of law, pertaining to the Madrid Distinguished Bar Association.

Despite starting out as a specialist in criminal law, Jaime’s professional efforts have centered around the field of private law and more importantly still, company law. His new field of expertise gave rise to the birth of the current company, J. Caballero Attorneys at Law & Asesores, which offers a comprehensive professional service to both individual parties and companies in the legal and business world. The J. Caballero Attorneys at Law & Asesores team is currently formed by 10 Attorneys at Law, in addition to its collaborators. It is divided into two separate office branches, one of which is located in Madrid capital and the other, in Brunete, approximately 28 km from the centre.


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